Monday, December 29, 2014

Wearable Art Jewelry – Wire Wrapped Fabric Necklaces and Earrings

Fabric Art Jewelry

Check out my new line of fabric or fiber wearable art jewelry on Etsy!  I make these using scrap fabric, ribbon, lace and even pipe cleaners then wrap with wire and sparkly glass beads!  So colorful and loaded with texture, also lightweight and fun to wear!

Fiber art jewelry heart pendant

Fuzzy blue earrings

Mint green fabric necklace with buttons

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Simple Repurposed Bulb Fabric Ornaments DIY

repurposed ornaments
Repurposed bulb ornament with scrap fabric!

Repurpose old and ugly glass or styrofoam  bulb ornaments into something new!  A super easy project using scrap fabric, ribbon and old ornaments.

upcycled ornaments
Upcycle old ornaments

Depending on the size of the bulb, you might start with an 8x8" square piece of scrap fabric. Make sure you have a cord attached for hanging then form the fabric around the bulb and tie a bow!  Carefully trim the excess fabric off without cutting the hanger and you have a super simple upcycled ornament!

easy DIY ornaments
Upcycled fabric ornaments

cristmas crafts

handmade ornaments

Be sure to see my upcycled jar lid photo ornaments and follow my Pinterest board: Christmas Ornament!

Do you upcycle at Christmas? Comments welcomed!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

DIY Upcycled Photo Christmas Ornaments

DIY photo ornaments

DIY   Christmas Ornaments, holiday crafts made from upcycled jar lids, scrap ribbon and mini metallic Christmas trim with photos of friends and family. You can also find cool free vintage prints online to download or  recycle old Christmas cards!  I especially like the gingham lids from jam. 

jar lids
hot glue 
Mod Podge
glitter or fairy dust
various trims, ribbon and cords
bells or something fun to dangle
tiny ornaments
photos or prints

glue gun 

1) Figure out the diameter you want for the photos using a photo editing program ( I used Mac Pages) I made extra in slightly different sizes just in case they didn't work. Leave enough space for any trim (about 1/4" ) print  and cut out the photo so they are circular and will fit in the lids.

2) Drill holes in lids; one on the top and one on the bottom; thread the cord you are going to use to hang them ( I like the stretchy gold ) add the bell then tie an knot on the inside of the lid and hot glue it. Do the same with the hanger, I tie a knot on the outside too.

3) Using Mod Podge, paint the lid on one side and a trick is to let the Mod Podge slightly dry by blowing on it for a minute or two then place your photo on it....this should keep the paper from crinkling and keep it nice and  smooth. Repeat on the other side and do all your other ornaments. I let mine dry about 1/2 hour before putting a coat of Mod Podge over and dusting with glitter or fairy dust.

4) When dry,  you can add the trim, hot gluing it in place and adding other ornaments like a bow.

Here is one I did for Abby,  from the The Vintage Inspired Passionista Blog made from the last pickle jar lid in my house:

Vintage Inspired Passionista

jar lid ornaments
Upcycled ornaments with free vintage printables on the backs

upcycled ornaments

Christmas ornament DIY

These look even better on a tree! Next year maybe I can save enough lids for my own tree!

Do you like upcycling Christmas ornaments, what do you make for Christmas? Comments welcomed!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Jewelry Photography - How to Photograph Earrings

photographing earrings

I am no expert on photography and photographing jewelry is not the easiest! Most earrings look best hanging but even though I like to use props like vases or jars to hang them from, they can be distracting for the first photo in my Etsy store. For that shot I like to have my earrings dangling from what seems to be nothing with a plain white background:

handmade earrings

 I finally built a heavy duty earring hanger from shelf brackets, scrap wood and dental floss. I used to have fishing line attached to my Modahaus Table Top Studio  with flimsy coat hangers so the earrings would droop and slide around but with these sturdy brackets and dental floss, I can get the line nice and tight and makes setting us so much easier! ( That's 50% of the shot right?)  Now my next project is to find brighter lights and maybe some sturdier lamps, it seems a lot of photo lighting is made very cheap and breaks almost right away!

Some other tips:

I use two lamps on either side plus a handheld light that I can move to get the light just right.
Besides using iPhoto for editing photos, I will use FotoFuze, a super simple way to get the background truly white then I will run all my photos though iPiccy a free online photo editing program that is fairly simple to use also.  iPiccy helps make my photos more crisp and pop! Even if you don't have any fancy equipment you really need to try these photo editors to get your photos looking their best!

Do you have any photo tips you want to share? Like this article? Please comment below:)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Wire Wrapped Fabric Beads - DIY Jewelry Tutorial

DIY Beads

bead tutorial

These beautiful wired wrapped fabric and ribbon beads are so fun and simple to make and look like expensive art or glass beads!  They are just made from scraps of fabric, ribbon, yarn  and wire with seed bead assortments I got from Auntie's Beads:

seed bead mixes
Miyuki seed beads mixes in assorted sizes from Auntie's Beads

scrap fabric
Scrap fabric, ribbon and yarn

1) Assorted scrap fabric, ribbon and yarn; look for cool textures with shimmer!
2) Assorted wire in all colors ( I like Artistic wire from Auntie's Beads) from 20 gauge to 28 gauge.
3) Seed Beads, I like Miyuki seed beads mixes in mixed sizes from Auntie's beads.
4) Tacky glue


1) Wire cutter
2) Bamboo skewers

Step one:
bead tutorial

Start wrapping your ribbon or fabric strips around a bamboo skewer.  Here I used sheer 2" wide ribbon that has wire in it and is about 9" long. The wired ribbon is very easy to work with because you can mold it to shape.  For fabric,  I use 1" by 6 to 9" strips; it just depends on how thick the fabric is and how big of a bead you want. You can either add more or cut any excess off if necessary. You can use a combination of fabric and ribbon, lace and even wrap yarn!  If you are not using the wired ribbon,  pin your fabric to hold it together:

ribbon beads

fabric bead tutorial

Step Two: When you get the shape you want, take a yard of wire and tie or twist it around the center of the bead. Then add a few seed beads as you wrap the wire around:

how to  make fabric beads

 Keep adding beads and wrapping until there is about 4" of wire left then loop it though a seed bead  near the edge a few times to hold and then I like to coil the rest of the wire around the skewer at the end:

handmade beads
Loop the end of the wire though a bead a few times to hold.

Then repeat, adding beads to the other half of the wire. Sometimes I need to add more wire and beads. You can squish the bead and shape it to make it tighter as you are wrapping. When I am finished I like to remove it carefully from the skewer, sliding onto a head pin or eye pin with a small bead cap,  adding a dab of tacky glue to the ends so it wont unravel.  I have also cut the skewer and left it inside the bead and wrapped the excess sturdy 20 gauge wire around and formed loops to hang. (see purple bead below) You can also start with a paper coffee stirrer straw instead of a skewer and glue your fabric onto that but I didn't want to raid Starbucks just yet!

handmade bead
 I used 20 ga wire and wrapped ends and made loops

art beads

fabric bead dangle earrings
Find my fabric bead jewelry in my Etsy Shop

Be sure to check out my Etsy shop frequently for more fabric bead jewelry or fiber art and even necklaces will be coming soon!

Do you like this tutorial, is this something you could make? Comments welcomed :)